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Okay, everyone. I've got something I want you all to read and give your opinions on. This was posted to the group by long-time volunteer YukiFeline, and I feel it should be explored and discussed further. Now, I don't want you all saying "Oh that lady is just a drama/attention whore". I want you all to really give me your full opinions, and what you would do if you were faced with this. I'd like you to come up with some ways you could possibly help someone like this.


Hello group. I have an event I feel I should share.

I was sent to the hospital due to a mental break down (i'm fine now, i promise) and had the opportunity of meeting a woman who claimed to being a rape victim. Here is her story...

"I currently live with my uncle, which is really hard because I've been having suppressed memories about him tying me up to a wooden board like the medieval days and molesting me in front of people when I was young"

Now, if you're like me and have white knights syndrome, you'd feel bad for this girl right?

She later claimed to be a sex addict (which most of you know, when one is molested, sex is all they know when thy grow up) however, she got to the point where she contradicted her story from "consensual" to "rape" and also, it got to the point I was told so many stories that none of it was believable. The conclusion I came up with after her story of how she "DECIDED" to be a lesbian is... she truly just wanted attention and somebody to care about her.

Honestly, I know its harsh but people like that either need to burn or need help. Because of people like that, homosexuality, rape victims, and sex addiction is not taken as serious as it should be.

Does anyone have an alternative theory or hypothesis?

ps. I'm sorry for the rage. gay rights and being a victim are two things I relate to and to have somebody crap on that urks me.
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Being a little child is the best thing in the world. Being so care free aleast once in your life. Looking at the sinful world with hope filled eyes and an open heart. Laughing at the little things in life and smile at the happy moments. If only those moments lasted longer then they should. My happy-go-lucky veiw of life changed when I was six. So young and had already got to see how ugly the world could truely be. My care free smiles vanished the day my mother left me and my siblings alone with my father. Tears streamed down my face as I clung to her leg, begging her not to leave.
"I'll be a good girl, i'll be a good girl, mommy!" Was the only thing that seemed to repeat from my mouth. She merely ripped her leg from my grasp, got in the car and drove off, not even caring what happened to her own kids. For some reason I thought everything would be just fine cause I still had my brothers and little sister and dad was there too. I was such a stupid girl when I thought I was safe.
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I've watched you grow into a person
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Maybe you'll fall down
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Dear Me,
I know sometimes the days seem long and the nights even longer. I know there are times you would hide from the world. You feel the weight on your shoulders, and see the accusing glares.
I'm here to tell you that it does get better. The sun does shine through the worst of our depression. It's there when you're ready to reach out and grab onto the ribbon of laughter.
Don't worry about those flashbacks, honey. There was a time when you had to deal with it alone, but that isn't the case anymore. No matter where it takes you, when you come back, you'll always have a strong person who loves you for who you are...imperfections and all. He doesn't care that you check out for chunks of time and can't always explain or even know it happened. He loves you and will watch over you while you're gone.
Don't fret about the past. Don't fret about the future. You can keep on living. Everything is going to be okay now. Not everyone may understand, and hell, some may look down on you for it, but
:iconkaelynna:Kaelynna 18 27
Pretty Girl
They say she's a pretty girl
Just look at those bouncing curls
A smile for everyone
Deep from  within her soul
What they don't know
Is her inner struggle
What they don't know
Is how she aches
All anyone sees is a pretty girl
Expressive eyes and fair skin
A catchy laugh
And a helping hand
What they don't see is her pain
As she relives the past
What they don't see are her tears
As they soak her pillow
They see what's on the outside
A girl who can smile with her eyes
Despite the agony of her soul
Sad part is it's not an act
She cares about your pain
She cares about your fears
She wants to console you
She wants to love you
But she hurts inside
There's a demon preying
It's a constant struggle
To be herself
How can you be pretty
When you're filled with pain
How can you be pretty
With a soul deep depression
I'll tell you how
It's because she cares
Honestly loves the spark
That fills all life
To be able to smile with her eyes
Is a rare gift indeed
So even though she aches
:iconkaelynna:Kaelynna 18 21

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This group is for those who have been victims of sexual assault, rape, or any other form of abuse. Anyone is welcome to join as the purpose of this group is to love and help <3
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:bulletblack:The only thing I ask is that you do not submit any graphic photographs that depict sex - it can be a very weary subject for those who have suffered abuse.
:bulletblack:Any art mediums will be accepted, as long as they are suitable. They can be literature, drawing -whichever helps you express yourself the best
:bulletblack:Don't push each other - get people to talk at their own pace.

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Hey there, an 20 year old man tried to have buttsex with me via Notes without permission (which is wrong cuz i'm 16 and still an minor)
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If I'm honest it has happend to me to many times to count. I'm usually not this open about wat happend but I feel I can trust u guys.
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